Ze Island

New Beginnings!

Group 1

So the group has been split after the cataclysm that was the battle for the island. Cquinn awoke to find himself no longer a dwarf, but a giant of stone. Azarean broke free of the obsidian glass to find her draconic bloodline had taken more control, turning her dragonborn. Jane caught her breath as she reeled with new full elf looks and more in touch with nature than with the gold and guns she once sought.
Looking around themselves they found waist high, amphibian tribesman wielding torches and chanting as they made small circles around the slabs of stone the group once lay upon. As they rose naked from their slabs, the shards of obsidian and violet crystal crashed and broke as they hit the ground. One form still lay encased in a lightly glowing crystal cocoon.
The frog men did not stop their chanting as the group was urged onward by torches that wound down a dark marsh path. After a few minutes of walking they quickly reached the dark spot where the torches stopped. The large tree before them had a three foot high door fitted to the base. When they knocked the familiar form of Rattle Bones. The frog greeted his changed friends happily. They were fed and sheltered until morning rolled around. They practiced channeling the energies of their new forms. Azarean felt she could breath fire, but did not yet feel the need to show off. Cquinn felt more tactical in his combat strategies, able to now shout at his friends and startle them to attack. Jane found out she could turn into a large weasel, and vowed never to be human again. As they left the slightly renovated cave the next morning, they met the dwarf king Kragyar standing before them in the street. After they palavered with the dwarf and Rattle Bones for a while they learned a few things:
1. They had been out for 15 years.
2. They never beat the god king, they were merely pawns to set off the Stone Giant Bomb.
3. Dorris was acting as the god king’s second in command the entire time.
4. The god king was the avatar of death, not so much a god king.
After learning this, the news was dropped on them about how their revival was exchanged for the promise of ridding Bullywog Bay of some newly nesting vampires. The newly equipped adventurers were ready for action. After a little hiccup with getting the bullywog herder to hand over a riding lizard to a large weasel, they set out south to root out the vampires.
They passed from thick marsh into a more solid forest. As they got deeper the canopy was so thick and the trees so old, that the Twilight had begun to show through. The shadows of the canopy replicated the night sky, stars shinning brightly in the boughs. In their travels through the deep woods, they came across a large chasm within a few hours time. Now in mid day, they could see a few rays of light shinning away through the canopy around the pits edges and over the three rope bridges that spanned it. The three bridges lead from different paths in the woods to this one cave lower on the other side of the chasm. Crossing the center bridge to the cave on the other side, the group set off an unseen wired sound alarm. A bell rang away, echoing out of the cave. After a brief look in, they were greeted with hostility. Azarean blew fire into the caves entrance and wound up setting off a flashbang trap deeper in the cave that the vampires had planted. The trap wound up stunning the undead within. With a surprised foe, the group made quick work of the three vampires inside.



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