Rattlebones Dagger



Tav “Rattlebones” Dagger was born the poor son of a sailor and a barmaid. His childhood was spent on the streets of Port City, dirty and causing mischief with other urchins. At age 11 he joined Lord Feilberg’s navy, wanting adventure and riches. But the state-sanctioned navy offered little adventure and no money, so he soon jumped ship and joined up with the famous pirate Jin “Black Wave” Rodgers. There he found his true calling, stealing treasure, ships, and wenches.

Rattlebones rose through the ranks of Black Wave’s ship, becoming First Mate in record time. He soon had command of his own ship, the Raging Lemur. It was at this time he performed some of his most famous deeds, such as stealing the famed cathedral of St Felonius and the sack of the city of Katheth. These deeds made Rattlebones a legend, and brought him wealth and women beyond imagining.

Life took a turn for Rattlebones at the height of his prowess. Wanting to find a weapon that would shock and awe his enemies, he began experimenting with combining black powder and magic potions. In one such experiment, he was blown up and, once the smoke cleared, discovered he had been turned into a frog.

Not one to be brought low by such misfortune, Rattlebones took his wealth and bought a fabulous villa by the sea. He began pursuing his hobby of weapon-crafting, becoming the most renown gun-maker in the land.

Rattlebones Dagger

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