Jane Dagger

Badass gun-wielding pirate lady


Jane Dagger was born Jane Levi, the fourth child of a poor metal smith and his elven wife. Banished to the edge of town because of the interracial marriage, the growing family struggled to get by. At a spring festival a lord from a far-away city saw Jane’s father’s work and was impressed. He offered the man a job in his keep. The family packed their meagre possessions in a small wagon and started for a new, better life. Their good luck was cut short when bandits attacked the wagon. Jane’s parents were killed defending their children, and Jane and her siblings were captured and sold into indentured servitude.

Fate handed Jane a better set of cards. Her contract was purchased by Tav “Rattlebones” Dagger. Rattlebones was an infamous pirate, known far and wide for his skill with a blunderbuss and his love of rum and dice. His career was cut short when an experiment with explosives blew him up and turned him into a frog. After deciding that he had had his share of adventure, Rattlebones bought a luxury villa by the sea and settle down to make the finest guns in the land. He bought Jane’s contract so that he might have an apprentice, someone quick and clever.

Jane excelled in Rattlebones’ workshop. She took to crafting firearms like it was her second nature. But sitting in the shop and making weapons was not good enough for the young woman. She wanted adventure, and to utilize the buccaneering skills that Rattlebones had taught her. Seeing an opportunity, Rattlebones promised to be her patron, giving her a wicked musket-axe and funding her adventures. In return, Jane agreed to test his weapons and scout for new kinds of guns. Off she went to seek her fame and fortune!

Jane Dagger

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