Knight's Valley

Knight’s Valley is a town of a little over 1,000 people. It used to be a quite sleepy little town but when the God King entered the picture, things began to go a bit awry.

The sheriff Larry Keeps was quickly executed when he refused to bow to the authority of the God King. Draksbane was quickly instated there after and took to running the town with his legion of goons.

When religion was more or less banned from the island, the people of Knight’s Valley still took time to keep up the temple of Pharasma. When the ban on the selling of magical arms and armaments took effect, the sellers of these items took them beneath the docks. With the help of some local mages, they managed to throw up an illusionary boundary that kept the space beneath the docks looking empty while a rather large black market formed.

Over time the council of elders did what they could to attempt to take power back but with their lack of control over the city guard, no real headway could be made. In fighting and disagreements about how to handle the current situation lead to the council all but disbanding.

The marsh farmers keep up their everyday life, harvesting wild rice and various vegetation from the strange trees that grow about the town. A fairly large hunting and fishing community is responsible for most of the towns food. However when the river was cut off from it’s source somewhere up north, the amount of fish and water began to dwindle.

Knight's Valley

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