Rogue who was found dead


Public: Found dead on the shores near the light house, Arigos was part of the first expedition to the island along with Sona, who was found dead with him. After being revived he joined with the remaining crew from the second expedition to complete their mission. After their encounter at the lighthouse and the meeting with Dana Internis Arigos was arrested and sentenced to be hanged until dead. Fortunately for him, there wasn’t enough room on the gallows that day and he was spared for another night. The next day, after speaking with his fellow prisoners he was able to escape and was reunited with his friends, except Sona, who unfortunately , was hanged the day before. But he did meet the shady cleric Deadsmell, and the figher Lilly.

What the party knows: Arigos used to be a deck hand, his expertise on sailing is what got him a job on the first expedition. His sneaky hands have come from long days climbing ropes and balancing on the mast and deck of the ship. He had a wife back home, but after she died he took to the seas full time.


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