Seren Berylbasher

Dwarf cleric of Pharasma, deceased


Seren Berylbasher was born to the faction of the Berylbasher Clan who broke away and created a colony in the Karolis Mountains. The head of her clan left their ancestral home under Mount Yalgore after a series of political disputes. Roughly 300 dwarves left with him to establish a new homeland. For about a century all went well. The dwarves founded a prosperous and happy home, trading with humans who lived along the Karolis River. However, trouble was soon to come.

The human settlements along the Karolis River were wiped out by Lord Grandin, known for his brutality and wealth generated in the slave trade. When the dwarves realized the humans they had previously traded with and had good relations with had been overrun and added to Grandin’s slave horde, they retreated into their mountain. For many nights they argued about what course of action to pursue. Should they hide in the mountain and wait for the danger to pass, or gather what allies they had and avenge the wrong done to their human trading partners? Alas, the delay in action caused their doom. Before a decision could be reached the colony in Karolis was overrun by goblin soldiers, and the dwarves who were not killed were taken as prisoners and forced into slavery.

Grandin established a mine at Hossim Valley in the Karolis Mountains. There, young Seren and the remaining members of her family were forced to mine silver in brutal conditions. The death toll in the camp was staggering. In between mining shifts Seren helped bury the bodies that heaped around the camp. Far away from the evil lord’s goblin guards, the grave diggers hatched a plan overthrow Lord Grandin. Though the cost was high, the rebellion was successful. Lord Grandin himself escaped their assassination attempt, but his top generals and aides were killed. The dwarves and humans who had been enslaved were able to flee.
Upon fleeing the camp Seren sought refuge in a temple of Pharasma. She had experience preparing the dead, and soon felt the calling to join the holy order. After completing her training, she was sent out into the world to do good deeds.

Seren Berylbasher

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