Lord Grandin

Evil Overlord


Not much is known about Lord Grandin’s origins. It is said that he was the fourth son of an old but impoverished house. It is also said that, in order to claim his father’s title, he killed his older brothers. However he came to power, he inherited a title and small parcel of land, but no coin to go with it. In order to make the most of his meagre inheritance Lord Grandin took the wives and children of his serfs hostage and threatened to kill them if the serfs did not work for free. In this way, he generated enough profits to buy more land, more serfs, take more hostages, and so on.

Eager to expand his growing wealth and power, Grandin took to conquering other lands. He found that mining generated more profits than farming, and concentrated his power in his silver mines in the Karolis Mountains. He suffered a set-back though when his generals were slain and his slaves escaped. He retreated to his castle at Groyvodis, to build his strength back up.

Lord Grandin’s sigil is a black bat flying over two crossed swords on a red field.

Lord Grandin

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