Lilly O'Sullivan

WTB food.


So, you wanna know a bit more ‘bout me huh? Well I’m more of the “Stay in the present type” but eh, lets take a stroll down memory lane.

I grew up on a farm, it was me, my dad, my mom, my two little brothers and my big brother. We all had our share of work to do and mine was mostly working the fields to move our livestock around. Me and my partner Crusader, my trusty steed, would work morning to night and often camp out on some of our roundabouts. During one of these rounds we were gone for about 4 days and were finally heading back. Tired and sore me and ’Sader were looking for some relaxation. I could smell scorched wood and… flesh.

Ya, so it gets pretty blurry here, which I know can be frustratin’ but hey, think there’s a reason my brain doesn’t want me to remember. Alright fine, I’ll try to remember just let me get some of that mutton…

I remember jumping off Crusader and running up to the house. I look up at my home, engulfed in flames and before I comprehend what I’m doing I’m inside screaming for my family.
I find them. Most of them.
Brutally beaten and left to cook. Eyes blurred from tears and smoke I grab my brothers and run out of the house as the roof caves in. I don’t stop running until I hit the pond and gently put them in the water. I splash them, and splash them…and splash them. The youngest of the two, Ivan, opens his eyes to look at me.
“Sissy?” he croaks out as tears hit his face. I rake the hair away from his eyes.
“Yes Ivan, its me. Stay with me, okay? Now is not the time to sleep.”
“Sissy… These big… men. They came and hurt dada and mum.. Why..?” His eyes begin to droop. “They.. took bruder with them..I’m so sleepy sissy.. so sleepy…” His eyes close.
IVAN! STAY AWAKE!” I held my brother close to me, feeling everything inside me break.
I don’t remember how long I stayed there at the pond side.
My family had been murdered.
My Oldest brother, Atticus, had been stolen.
I remember walking up to Crusader and mounting him with nothing more then my whip.

You asked.

Lilly O'Sullivan

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