Dorris Bakersmith

Loving council member, de-facto mayor, and all around good granny


Crunch Known to the group:
Witch of at least lvl 4
Spell like abilities:
Sickening Stare: At a dc 15, those caught within her line of sight who she deems glare worthy must pass a fortitude save. If failed they feel emotionally sickened for 1d6 minutes. This ability can not be used in combat.


Dorris spent her whole life in the town of Knight’s Valley. From the time she was a girl she knew she was destined for more, to lead the town to a better future.
When the sky was still nothing but void and she was but a teen, Dorris would spend her days in her father’s bakery lending a hand. At night she would sneak off with some of the other girls to the marshes. Here they learned the secrets of the lands and of the marshes magics. It was during this time that she befriended Dana.
As time went on, Dorris grew more accustomed to her city life and took to the marshes less and less. There were times when she longed to go back and commune with the swamp, but marriage and work drug her away.
In her 30’s she took a position as an envoy to Deserted Bluffs. She worked hand in hand with lords and ladies until well into her 70’s when she was appointed onto the town council.
Currently with the attempted failed coup by Draksbane, she is the only council member left. The tomes say that if ever there is one remaining council member, they shall be de facto mayor. Sending the group out to find a cure for Dana’s wounds, she contemplates what the next step should be for the sleepy town of Knight’s Valley.

Dorris Bakersmith

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