Ze Island

Dwarven Allies

Arigos reveals that his real name is Swain and guess what, he has a kid! The lovely child by the name of Jinx, who is the child of his witchy wife, has been left with a care giver at the knights housing.
Along the road the group discovers that Lilly has gotten a rather nasty case of lycanthropy from an unknown source. After a brief scuffle and a rather shocking revelation, she agrees to be put under locked manacles during the full phase of the moon.
After a long trek to the north, the group manages to wrangle themselves some dwarven allies. The Dark Hammer dwarves have lent their allegiance to the group for the hopes of battle based glory.
King Kragyar Harsk of the Dark Hammers has even agreed to turn the water back on to the autumn forest under the condition that the elves that live there agree to give him rights on the four most easterly miles of the forest.



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